Autodesk inventor drawing not updating

I made some tests today and believe I can get the views to update by closing the idw file, changing, updating, saving then closing the the model and reopening the idw file. IDW's will only update once you have saved the model and sometimes hit the update button.

However if your graphics card is not up to scratch I have found that you actually have to close and reopen the IDW as well.

Inventor will create OLE links in certain scenarios, such as when images are inserted for use in decals, or for when an image map is used in a texture or appearance.

OLE links are also created when running the default settings for Inventor’s finite element analysis (FEA) module (included in the Professional version of the software).

Inserting images into Inventor 2D sketches is a common practice when designing decals for parts, title block definitions, or sketched symbols for drawings. Perhaps the most crucial part of this step is to uncheck the Link box — unless, for some reason, the design dictates that the outside image adjustment is needed to process across all files it is utilized in.

When you insert an object, a third-party folder is added as the first folder in the browser.With this selected, each time you Save your document the mass properties will be updated. Drawing Porter is a batch print and export tool for Autodesk® Inventor®.Did you know that when using Autodesk Inventor, a part or assembly's mass properties can be automatically updated when the document is saved?This is a tip that is part of a Tips & Tricks presentation that I recently updated and have found to be very useful.What makes it unique is that its Assembly focussed or based and that it will determine which drawings and parts are relevant based on the single assembly file you select.So if you select your GA for instance, the app will automatically know which parts and drawings forms part of that design.I haven't had any further problems since I've started shutting down Inventor before the final release drawing is generated.I can't take he risk that it might or might not update.All you need to do is access the General page of your Application Options which is located on the Manage ribbon bar and put a tick in Update Mass Properties on Save.You can then choose whether you want to update the mass properties for just parts or parts & assemblies.

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