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While many universities offer one or two marriage and family classes to their students, BYU offers courses focused on mate selection, marriage preparation, marriage enhancement, marriage therapy, and multiple classes aimed at strengthening the family.On a higher level, the weekly university devotionals and quarterly Church Educational System Firesides (often held at BYU’s Marriott Center) often center on the topics of dating and marriage.To many, BYU is viewed as a "meat market," a hotbed for Mormon dating and marriage.Due to the many factors such as Latter-day Saint beliefs and University encouragement, "old-fashioned" courtship and marriage are very important aspects of BYU's social scene.For example, The Daily Universe—the student run newspaper at BYU—publishes a Bridal Guide each summer.

Early forms of the BYU Honor Code are found as far back as the days of the Brigham Young Academy and early school President Karl G. A signed commitment to live the honor code is part of the application process, and must be adhered by all students, faculty, and staff.The affidavit must be signed by LDS church leaders and be resubmitted annually.Non-LDS students are asked to provide a similar endorsement from an ecclesiastic (religious) leader of their choice with their application for admittance, as well as an annual review similar to the one LDS students undergo.Overall, students at Brigham Young University are urged often by church leaders and school leaders to wed.On many college campuses, sexual encounters are common.As a whole, students at BYU place a higher emphasis on marriage as a life goal than other college age Americans; however, across the board, college aged Americans place a considerably high emphasis on marriage as a life goal.Furthermore, most students at BYU foresee marriage in their very near futures.This mentality is common on BYU's campus, causing many stereotypes and countless jokes.As a university, BYU is extremely supportive of marriage.In fact, 94% of BYU students felt that marriage would be a part of their lives in the next five to ten years.Once again, BYU students feel marriage is not only an important life goal, but also, a goal that will happen soon after—if not during—their college years. When asked about the alleged "meat market" mentality found on BYU campus, many students expressed agreement, providing comments such as, "Everyone is interested in marriage around here".

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