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That's because Richard Walker's Pancake House is a "must find" in San Diego. This week we finish up our ATIA coverage with an interview with John Taylor from IRIE_AT about a new smartphone option, discuss Video Magnifiers in "Sound Off" and talk about pancakes in the "Last Word". Oh well, grab a pad of butter and slather on the syrup for episode 135 of the delicious BBQ. Hear his harrowing tale of food delivery throughout this episode.

This week we bring you a timely interview with David Bradburn, a person who is involved in one of the biggest stories of the year so far. unrelatedly, but still involving hotel travel oddly enough, hear J. take a trip around the ATIA host hotel with Larry from APH and Indoor Explorer.

The news is always the portion of the program we can never predict from week to week.

Surprises are always welcome and this time is no exception.

J.'s recent trip to Vegas for the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show and Joe's review of the 12 pound Google Home Smart Speaker.

We also have a tip, some quick thoughts in "Sound Off" and our first "Last Word of the year.

Sit back and relax as some of your favorite merchants, or perhaps some that are new to you, tell you about their latest products and services as well as some holiday deals.Welcome to the Blind Bargains audio content page, featuring interviews, presentations, and updates on the latest in technology.Here is a listing of the audio content we have posted.The month of December used to be a slow month in podcasting circles. So leave the cookies and the milk out for Santa before you curl up for a long night's winter nap with episode 127. talk Sonos speakers, Apple updates, and smart gadgets amongst other things, and find many parallels between all of them.That doesn't seem to be the case again with 2017 rolling right along with timely news and events still arriving like they were UPS holiday packages on the BBQ doorstep. takes some time out to play a game on Echo, Joe has one rejected idea in the "Last Word" and Patrick lets his guard down in a most interesting way. Joe is cruising far away from civilization, so Shelly Brisbin stopped by to hold down the fort. Emails, a tip, and One More Thing round out this lively episode, so strap on in.Dave discusses some of the features in the latest firmware upgrade, and the unit does some cool math until Dave and Joe remember they're not so good with numbers.To compensate, they use Polaris and Google Assistant to do the work for them so that you see just how much money you can save with the HIMS-tacular Blind Friday deals on not only Polaris but all other HIMS products, such as the Smart Beetle, Go Vision and the U2 Mini But wait!Subscribe to the podcast It happened to be Pancake Day at the time of recording.We aren't sure if having some form of a pancake would be a good accompaniment for the show, however, expect to hear a lot more about pancakes the closer we get to CSUN. is once again transmitting from a location somewhere in New jersey.But now there's no need for secrecy as Polaris has been shipping since the end of June so everyone already knows that Polaris is a wicked awesome dude.Joe and Dave review just how far the unit has come since its release.

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