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When thinking of the census figure of over 100 million adults in American who are single, the reason can’t be because men just aren’t asking.

My theory is that we as a society are becoming more disconnected from each other, even though our technology is supposedly bringing us closer together.

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But, if you are going to a site like Christian, you are going to find a lot more committed Christians.

Unfortunately you then have some un-Godly companies targeting Christians, but not telling them who they are. When you buy a membership on their site, you are inadvertently funding pornography.

There are plenty of other sites people could go to.

But, wait, you are saying that people don’t know that they are behind this? You’ve got other secular companies targeting Christians and they have other sites where they have homosexual matchings.

What is your reaction to secular online dating companies targeting Christian relationships? Well, I guess if they do it in a respectful way, it would be alright.

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