Cosmopolitan dating body language

It says, ' I, as the woman, have the power — I'm the most important."Cobb says this hand positioning can also reveal who's in control: "When a couple holds hands, the person whose hands are on top tends to take a more dominant role in the relationship," she says.

"I'm not talking about Fifty Shades of Grey dominance — rather, someone is more in charge or more likely to take the lead on decision-making."#5 Khloé's right hand is spread wide across Tristan's right hand."She's trying to cover his whole hand, mirroring how much space her partner is taking up," Cobb says.

"Most baby announcements you see are softly lit with white light, but this is the exact opposite.

It sends a message that this couple wants to be special and unique."#2 Khloé and Tristan's heads are MIA."To me, it's a nonverbal way of taking the emotion out of the photo," Wood says.

That Tristan left it on in a photo in which he was going to have his arms wrapped around his partner shows he wants to emphasise his status," Wood says."According to Blanca Cobb, body language expert and author of , this gesture is Harry's way of putting his guard up when he's in public situations ( engagement photo shoot with hundreds of photographers)."It's less intimate because it's not showing facial expressions or emotions."#3 Tristan's hand is cradling Khloé's baby belly."A lot of women touch their bellies as a way to connect with the baby and to reassure themselves the baby is OK in there," Cobb says."Symbolically, Tristan touching Khloé's belly brings him closer to the baby."In this photo, though, there's no tension in the hands, and they appear very relaxed signifies things are going OK between them."#7 Their fingers aren't intertwined."In the photo, it would have been normal for her right fingers to drop between his and partially intertwine," Wood says.The way Tristan's fingers are open — with his hands taking up a lot of belly space — it's like he's claiming, ' This is my baby and my family.' He may have positioned his hands to feel the baby's movement as a way to connect with [his child]."#4 Khloé's hands are placed over Tristan's."You'd think the woman would have her hands on her belly, because she has the most tender connection to her baby, and the man's hands would be on top of hers to show support for both the mother and the baby," Wood says."In this posed photo, it's clear she wanted her femininity and dominance to be seen first."You tend to mimic people you're close to — the same way you pick up their catchphrases.The positioning suggests the couple is in sync with each other emotionally."#6 Khloé and Tristan's fingers appear relaxed."When you're physically uncomfortable being around someone, you can usually see tension somewhere — in the fingers, in the arm muscles, or in arm positioning," Cobb says.

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