Daily devotional books for dating couples

Even before you met your spouse, God was preparing the soil, removing the stones and building a watchtower.

God placed you in a cultivated land, ready to produce good fruit.

When the prophet received the prophecy recorded in chapter 33, Jerusalem was under siege from the invading Babylonians.

Although they had been faithful to each other during their marriage, their past dips into immorality were now making them feel guilty for enjoying sex with each other.Isaiah 5:1–7“What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it?” Isaiah 5:4When I was young, I attended the wedding of an extended family member.As a result, they managed to spoil the harvest that God had nurtured.God offers this same nurturing care today for your marriage.He had chosen a prime location for his grapevines, nurtured the soil and protected the land from harm. So he asked, “What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it?”The farmer had done everything right; there was no reason why the crop should not have flourished.— Jeremiah 33:6 A pastor friend told the story of a couple who had come to him for counseling.The couple had been married 40 or so years, and they were both plagued with guilt.But in this vineyard, the Farmer doesn’t do all the work; you must also do your part.More and more Christian couples today are producing bad marital fruit, spoiling their relationship despite God the Farmer’s efforts.

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