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I tried different MEDs until the clear best choice was Concerta.I also have borderline bi-polar/mood disorder so I take a very small dose of Lamictal here and there...Concepts of everyday are mostly ghostly thoughts on the edges of remember to remember there is a reality to which i am a member.When on my own left to my devices my mind spreads... The regulations on controlled substances are much tougher now, so my doctor added the ADHD diagnosis so he can continue prescribing them. Is it too much to ask for to be able to focus on something? To not get distracted by unimportant stimuli in my surroundings? something before finishing d sentence, im long gone, usually they have to shout to stop me, I was quite easily distracted by phone ringing. I cannot begin to explain how much it depresses me that I just can't have a normally functioning brain with a sane mind.and up until now I thought I was managing it pretty well.Aside from the fact I can't keep a checkbook to save my life, and the least little thing will distract me in a heartbeat.

After a long and drawn out conversation with my insurance provide... The doctors put me adderall,but it makes you feel like a robot. The ADHD really comes out when my over talkativeness and distractibility comes...

Also I'm horrible getting back to people when they call. i feel like such a **** up.i can't do anything right. I'm not dumb, I write good papers and I've managed to remain a straight A student even in university, but I can't focus for the life of me. I did the classic check-the-box quiz and I scored quite high.

I have/to get a pcp to give me meds to be "normal" but no i procrastinated that heart is crying. My husband did the same quiz to see what his perception of my habits were and it was higher.

I didn't have health insurance so I got the generic kind. Anyway, I started taking it last year, but I feel as if this drug is hit or miss. So I talked to my Doctor today about my ADHD and he agreed that medication would help. But CVS gave me a pill called U29 is this the same thing? So a few years ago, my wife drug me, kicking and screaming to see a marriage counselor to discuss how we should best deal with my teenage son from my first marriage. That all changed back in June when I put the pieces together and asked...

In the beginning it was my saving grace, now I swear to god it's making me manic. In all honesty I don't get why they say someone has adult ADHD. When a person has juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes) it's called that all their lives, the name doesn't change when they become and adult. I will say on a GOOD note that its calmed me down LOTS. We went to see the counselor every other week for a couple of months and were really able to come up with some... I have discussed this possibility with friend/co workers and my partner and have received mixed reviews...i know that this is a real issue and i am aware of stigmas and the way that its not a a good feeling if people say or assume that they have a... and I struggled in college trying to focus in class to trying to studying at home.

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