Dating greeze male and female romance

My first demigod child." He ignored the wide eyes and the shocked look he received. He has had a very rough life." Lupa looked at him questioningly. It will be much easier for him, and plus, he is a Greek.

"He will be a powerful demigod, and I would not want to endanger him by keeping him by my side. "He was abused by his step-father, while his mother was a drunk, and just looked as he was being tortured," he explained. I can foresee that he will grow up to be a great warrior, and a even better leader.""I can't take him to the Greek camp!

It broke Lupa's heart to even think about leaving the poor boy behind.

She looked back up expecting to see the man, but saw that he was already gone."I guess that leaves me no choice, but to fulfil your fathers wishes," she told the sleeping boy quietly.

His voice was deep and held power, but at the same time, was soft and warm.

What if he didn't grow up with Sally, but instead with the Hunt? Currently no pairing, but it might change in the future. In his hands, he held a small blue bundle, in which lay a small, beautiful toddler boy, no older than 4.You know very well that-""No," the man interrupted again. You are far to loyal for that." He chuckled lightly at the annoyed expression the goddess wore."As you can see," he continued, "I have sired a demigod child. The figure next to her was much larger than her, and was male. One figure was obviously female, and was identified as Lupa, the Roman goddess of wolves.Lupa nodded, and sighed in relief that Artemis would take him in.She had no doubt that he would prove to them that he was worthy. " Artemis asked."No," Lupa answered quickly, too quickly for the moon goddess' liking.The goddess turned around and walked back into the forest, lost in thought about where she should leave the little boy.Lupa walked through the forest, trying to come up with a place. She looked down at the sleeping form of the boy, and for a minute he glowed a soft silver colour, before it disappeared from sight."Why did you call me, P-" she questioned before she was quickly interrupted by the man."Don't say my name, Lupa.It is dangerous to say it out loud so freely, and I would hate to attract unwanted attention," said the man.

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