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- a nation endowed with vast potential wealth - is slowly recovering from two decades of decline.

Conflict that began in August 1998 has dramatically reduced national output and government revenue, increased external debt, and resulted in the deaths of more than 5 million people from violence, famine, and disease.

The Republic of the Congo, originally a French colony, is sometimes called Congo-Brazzaville - as opposed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (known from 1971 to 1999 as Zaire) which is often called Congo-Kinshasa, originally a Belgian colony.

Brazzaville's population is less than a tenth of Kinshasa's.

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The CIA is particularly interested in information about imminent or planned terrorist attacks.This practice is referred to as Children in the DRC have been negatively affected by continuing armed conflict.The number of orphans and street children is reported to be on the rise.divided diagonally from the lower hoist side by a yellow band; the upper triangle (hoist side) is green and the lower triangle is red; green symbolizes agriculture and forests, yellow the friendship and nobility of the people, red is unexplained but has been associated with the struggle for independence This astronaut image shows two capital cities (brownish-gray areas) on opposite banks of the Congo River.The smaller city on the north side of the river is Brazzaville, while the larger, Kinshasa, is on the south side.The Committee is also concerned at the fact that the [68] The Committee is deeply concerned by information, including for example in the State party's report, of the trading, trafficking, kidnapping and use for pornography of young girls and boys within the State party, or from the State party to another country, and that domestic legislation does not sufficiently protect children from with street children who have been accused of witchcraft.In cases where an imminent threat exists, immediately contact your local law enforcement agencies and provide them with the threat information.To contact the Central Intelligence Agency click here.In November 2003, the UN Special Rapporteur to the DRC reported that there were large numbers of child refugees and war orphans engaged in street work, including begging and prostitution.- The law does not prohibit prostitution except in cases involving children under the age of 14.Prostitution, including child prostitution, was a problem mainly due to poor economic conditions, and there were reports of women and girls pressured or forced to engage in prostitution by their families.

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