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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I have this theory, that maybe the good guys are a little too shy to approach me, and being a bit old fashioned, I would "never" make the first move toward a man.

So I think I end up dating aggressive guys because they just get to me first and make the contact, while the really nice guys never approach. I really would like to meet and see a nice man, I`ve had enough "Alpha`s" to suit me for the rest of my life.

Nice guys aren't like a fashion assessories, in that well "I'm sick of Alpha wear, maybe I'll try on some nice guy attire. We're the majority of single guys but invisible to some girls. If you do bump into a nice guy and it's more than just dating fashion to you, then I suggest something as simple as "Hey I really liked (talking to you, doing this charity event, you helping me find a book on that subject,ect) and I hope maybe we can talk again(or do the charity thing, or find another book, ect).

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And, yeah, the more outgoing guys who approach a stranger are going to be the Alpha male types.

And no, I don`t choose dates by looks or money or cars.

There have been times that I have met someone I would like to get to know, and it seems like when it is time to "get the number" the guy will just freeze up and walk away.

I understand why you don't like to go up and talk to the guys but at least if he comes up and is chatting you up you can throw that little bit in there.

He goes 90% of the way you give him that extra 10% push.

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