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I feel like the 'friendship’ or acquaintance or whatever it is is going to fade out soon especially cuz we dont really have any friends in common and are in different programs etc. This is profoundly beneficial for you because your Mr. How do I get this guy to like me back and notice me in that way I guess? How do I respect parents I feel don’t deserve respect? What do you think about media protrayals of Muslims? A Simple Summary of the Four Sunni Schools of Law Thoughts on Shia and the Jafri Schools of Law Did The Prophet say women are deficient in religion? From what to look for in a man to flirting tips, we will provide you with a complete guide of getting the man of your dreams into your life and bedroom... All of our tips and tricks come from our own experiences. Let’s see, I’m Muslim girl living in america and i really like this guy who is also Muslim.So here is my problem, i have liked this guy for awhile now and never spoke to him. He bunks in my flat, which I share with my room mate. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why haven’t I heard from him? ” If you’ve asked yourself this question, then calm down because you are crazy. But I was wondering do you think I should keep my distance ? Anyways, I am messaging in regards to a ‘situation’ that I am in right now, actually not even sure if its a situation. How does one love Allah and fear Allah at the same time? ”How should sex education be taught in Islam/Islamically? Do you think Islam is sex positive or sex negative? I know evil and suffering are tests, but why do children suffer? If Islam is so against racism, then why is there still racism?

Help Learning Arabic Discussing the length of a man’s pants Pure Men for Pure Women and vice versa, what does ‘Pure’ mean, is it only virginity? Praying While Traveling Can married couples kiss in public? The Qur’an and Sunnah on Backbiting Modesty in Islam Thoughts on Getting Married Young I know this is silly, but, what about Dinosaurs and Islam? Click here to learn about my struggle to learn Arabic. To my fellow Muslim Sisters, have you ever asked yourself: "What's wrong with me? And now without further ado, ladies, if you are ready to transform your love life, we invite you... At the mosque I go to the guys and girls don’t talk to each unless y'all are related. I am twenty four, and in love with my friend (not muslim) who is a tennis coach. He loves me too and comes every other weekend to stay at my place since he lives abroad. One’s my best friend since kindergarten in Islamic School (We’re 16.) The other guy’s a college sophomore at a Ivy league, but he’s only 19.Last week I happened to meet a friend of his through someone else and when I introduced myself to the guy, he was like oh you’re the one talking to so and so right? Clearly, he’s told his friends about me, but I always always always see him with other girls who are definitely much more gorgeous and are arab like he is. Essentially, I’ve started to really like this guy and I obviously dont know what he thinks of me, plus he is a year younger than I am lol What should I do? the guy on your gchat whose screenname you’ve been obsessively staring at for the past 4 years has finally messaged you. Some of my responses are ones I have written for The Beauty of Islam, which I am proud to be a part of. Addendum to Opinion on Music What is the verdict on eyebrow threading? I organized the categories by number of entries (per category): My Lectures: Problems Facing Muslims in America (with Q&A)What is Shariah? Why Drinking is Haram Why Drinking is Haram, pt 2 What are your thoughts on dating? Im chatting with this guy I met last summer and he got married that same summer. So I decided to message him on fb with a reason from the meeting etc afterwhich he added me and we chatted for a couple hours. And we have feelings for each other[ I havent told him that I do yet]. After that he msgd me the next morning asking for help with something and that was it. Someone Said The Qur’an Teaches Violence, How Do I Reply? If something is “Sunnah” does that make it obligatory? What if you want to get married but don’t want to have sex? This person keeps saying ignorant comments about Islam, what do I do?

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  1. I didn’t expect to meet anyone and ended up having a great time at the game followed by dinner and drinks with mutual friends.” “Driving through the Festival of Lights. ” “We hung out on the piazza all afternoon, evening, and night and walked to the Battery to watch the sun rise.” “Running through the sprinklers on a summer night in Waterfront Park”“Took a girl out who had the most boring preference in food so had no idea where to take her.