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Moreover, Jane and Holden used to live next door to each other in Maine and became acquainted when her Doberman pincher constantly came over to urinate and/or defecate on his lawn.

Holden remembers her clearly and shares the time when they played checkers together, and how she would never move her kings.

He does not connect with the world around him whatsoever.

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Disgusted by his brother’s choice, Holden calls him “a prostitute.” Holden represents a character that is irritated at everyone and everything, including himself.

HOLDEN CAULFIELD As the protagonist and narrator of the story, seventeen-year-old Holden Caulfield brightens up the novel throughout; he embodies an off-the-wall and likable character.

He tells his story in a facetious, uncanny, angry, and disgusted manner – articulated in everyday language.

ROBERT ACKLEY Ackley, a senior, is Holden’s next door neighbor in the dorm at Pencey Prep.

He stands about six-feet four inches tall, his face is congested with pimples, and he is extremely nasty. He has a habit of barging into Holden’s room without notice, and ignores Holden’s indirect hints for him to leave.

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