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The 17,000-year-old painting are rendered with great skill, incorporating the contours of the caves and displaying some of the first known use of perspective, a technique that was not rediscovered until the Golden Age of Greece, as well as shadowing, highlighting, stenciling, and Pointillism.The artists used powdered colors, brushes and stumping clothes and spit pigment out of their mouth.In a cave in the Pyrenees, there is a handprint of a child maybe four or five years old.

Later they informed their schoolmaster, who had to squeeze into a narrow passage to see the cave.A beautifully-created replica of the two most famous rooms, called Lascaux II, was built a few hundred meters away from the original.But now so many people have visited the reconstruction it too needs restoration work.Animal figures include red deer stags swimming across a lake, shaggy horses running in a line, four huge bulls---three time life size--- as well as wild goats, enormous hunch-backed cattle and two-horned woolly rhinoceroses. One is 10 feet long and has a mysterious branched symbol near the front legs.In the Rotunda there is a procession of animals with two long-horned wild cattle. Two bisons dancing butt to butt are each four feet long.The sleeve is as precise as the cuffs of your shirt. The caves were located on the private land of the La Rochefoucauld family.After World War II they decided to open the caves to the public as a way to make money.Marie-Anne Sire was named chief administrator of Lascaux Caves.A specialist in restoring medieval paintings in the exterior of churches, she presides over a 25-member team of biologists, conservationist, restorers, archaeologists and other specialists.Lascaux Caves is the world's most famous prehistoric cave.Consisting of one great chamber and two passageways, it is located near Sarlat on a hillside in Montignac, in the Dordogne region of southwest France.

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