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The levels are most complicated when speaking about the body. The Balinese spoken in Balinese theater is even more complicated, including old Balinese and Sanskrit.

[Source: "Man on Earth" by John Reader, Perennial Libraries, Harper and Row] Balinese people are often tongued tied until they know the position of the person they are speaking to.

She learned the language, listened to folk tales and myths and wrote a book called with her husband Gregory Bateson.

The Balinese language is similar to Javanese and has been influenced by the Indian languages that influenced Javanese.

The prefix "Ni" means girl, thus making the oldest girl "Niwayan.

The children's parent and grandparents are referred to as "Mother of Wayan" or "Grandfather of Ninjoman" instead of by their personal names.

Most couples live with the groom’s parents for some period before establishing a household of their own.

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Margaret Mead spent some time in Bali in the 1930s.

The other five percent are Chinese, Muslims and other minorities.

Much of the western part of Bali is uninhabited jungle, where tigers lived until the 1940s.

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