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Great names all of them - but none of them so loved, hated, feared, so often spoken - as Charles Foster Kane. Kane papers scoop the world on the Armistice - publish, eight hours before competitors, complete details of the Armistice teams granted the Germans by Marshall Foch from his railroad car in the Forest of Compeigne. Famed in American legend is the origin of the Kane fortune... It was her wish that I should take charge of this boy, Charles Foster Kane. Chairman, I will read to this committee a prepared statement I have brought with me - and I will then refuse to answer any further questions. THATCHER (reading it) "With full awareness of the meaning of my words and the responsibility of what I am about to say, it is my considered belief that Mr. He is advancing on the snowman, snowballs in his hands, dropping to one knee the better to confound his adversary. For forty years appeared in Kane newsprint no public issue on which Kane papers took no stand. How, to boarding housekeeper Mary Kane, by a defaulting boarder, in 1868 was left the supposedly worthless deed to an abandoned mine shaft: The Colorado Lode. 1891-1911 - a map of the USA, covering the entire screen, which in animated diagram shows the Kane publications spreading from city to city. He is being questioned by some Merry Andrew congressmen. NARRATOR That same month in Union Square - INVESTIGATOR Is it not a fact that on that occasion, the boy personally attacked you after striking you in the stomach with a sled? Charles Foster Kane, in every essence of his social beliefs and by the dangerous manner in which he has persistently attacked the American traditions of private property, initiative and opportunity for advancement, is - in fact - nothing more or less than a Communist." Newsreel of Union Square meeting, section of crowd carrying banners urging the boycott of Kane papers. SPEAKER (fading in on soundtrack) - till the words "Charles Foster Kane" are a menace to every working man in this land. KANE If the rebels want a fight boys, let's give it to 'em! Through this and beyond we see the fairy-tale mountaintop of Xanadu, the great castle a sillhouette as its summit, the little window a distant accent in the darkness. DISSOLVE: A SERIES OF SET -UPS, EACH CLOSER TO THE GREAT WINDOW, ALL TELLING SOMETHING OF: The literally incredible domain of CHARLES FOSTER KANE. Your Ma figures - that is, re - she and I have decided that this isn't the place for you to grow up in. The dominating note is one of almost exaggerated tropical lushness, hanging limp and despairing. In the glass panes of the window, we see reflected the ripe, dreary landscape of Mr. A hand - Kane's hand, which has been holding the ball, relaxes. The ball falls out of his hand and bounds down two carpeted steps leading to the bed, the camera following. DISSOLVE: THE ALLIGATOR PIT (MINIATURE) The idiot pile of sleepy dragons. DISSOLVE: THE COTTAGES (MINIATURE) In the shadows, literally the shadows, of the castle. Thatcher is going to take you on a trip with him tonight, Charles.

The castle dominates itself, an enormous pile, compounded of several genuine castles, of European origin, of varying architecture - dominates the scene, from the very peak of the mountain.


The greens are straggly and overgrown, the fairways wild with tropical weeds, the links unused and not seriously tended for a long time. I wish I were a little boy and going to make a trip like that for the first time.

Its right flank resting for nearly forty miles on the Gulf Coast, it truly extends in all directions farther than the eye can see. You'll probably be the richest man in America someday and you ought to - MRS. THATCHER We're going to have a lot of good times together, Charles...

Designed by nature to be almost completely bare and flat - it was, as will develop, practically all marshland when Kane acquired and changed its face - it is now pleasantly uneven, with its fair share of rolling hills and one very good- sized mountain, all man-made.

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  1. They fall down and start laughing because neither of them really knows how to make the whole moving on blades thing work, and then he says to her, "Well, maybe 16 wheels are better than eight? ) So they skate and fall and skate and fall for another hour…and finally they change into normal shoes and go for a drink.