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state of Michigan, and is the largest populated city on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. The Muskegon Metro area had a population of 172,188 in 2010.

It is located at the southwest corner of Muskegon Township, but is administratively autonomous.

I am a normal teenager, i get into trouble but play the roll of the innocent missundaztood little girl, and that sometimes can back fire on me but i dont care.

Comparing Population Change to the United States average of 3.

i would have to say that my ideal date would be a girl between 18 and 27 years of age , single , never married , no kids yet.

Most could never tell, just sometimes there is a bit of pain (it's called RSD or CRPS). I am an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent and attitude to become the best in my field. They will also understand that my career and work is very important to me in my life.

The earliest known Euro-American resident of the county was Edward Fitzgerald, a fur trader and trapper who first came to the Muskegon area in 1748 and who died there, reportedly being buried in the vicinity of White Lake.

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