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According to the Dutch newspaper “Het Parool” this is last peepshow of Amsterdam, according to “De Telegraaf” and Vice the Sex Palace is even the last peep show in the Netherlands!

Did you know that the Sex Palace Peep Show was founded in the 1970’s – more than 40 years ago?

It’s possible to get a private booth with the performer, obviously for a higher rate.

In these private cabins, the visitor and the performer are still separated by a window, but in these cabins they can give each others certain instructions.

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Sexual activity at sex shows is also distinguished from regular prostitution in that the performers usually engage in sex acts only with other performers and not with spectators or paying customers.

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So perhaps you’re asking yourself right now; “why would anybody go here to see porn? Unfortunately, Sex Palace is the last one of its kind and it’s located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in the Red Light District.An increasingly popular form of sex show is a webcam performance in which the viewer is able to view and interact with webcam models in real time.Sex shows are distinguished from entertainment such as striptease, pole dancing or lap dance, which do not involve sexual activity other than undressing and dancing nude or semi-nude.Guys went to a bar, then to this peep show for a warming-up and afterwards they’d visit a prostitute in the Red Light District. And are you looking for fun things to do in the Red Light District?Let a local Dutch guide show you around in the oldest area of Amsterdam.Unfortunately, this peep show was and is being affected by the introduction of (free) online porn.Before the introduction of the internet, this peep show was having its golden years.The visitor needs to insert a couple of Euros to start the erotic entertainment show. In Sex Palace Peep Show Amsterdam it’s two Euro per minute.The performers (mostly female) standing behind the windows are switched every 10 minutes.A performance would involve an actual or simulated autoerotic performance or sexual activity with another performer.The performance can be on a theater style, or it can be in a peep show style.

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