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#FL: If your roof was damaged due to Hurricane #Irma, Operation Blue Roof may be able to help: 1-888-ROOF-BLU or OUx1l3— FEMA Region 4 (@femaregion4) September 20, 2017 It was a mistake anyone could make: Someone replaced the less lascivious, more helpful “1-888” prefix, which is run by FEMA, with “1-800,” which, indeed, offers a whole other kind of service.

Then the interview turned into a workshop about what to say and what not to say. If the caller is freaky, he might want to know more about that milk. There were FCC regulations that meant we couldn’t discuss certain things on the phone: drugs, weapons, blood, or anything of a sexual nature pertaining to anyone under the age of 18. You offer to choke them until they pass out, but they are to remain alive. When the phones were busy, no matter what department they were in, all of these smart black women had to get on the phones and pretend to be stupid white girls for the pleasure of white men. But I told myself I wasn’t degrading myself for some faceless caller. I was a good talker, which gave me a sense of accomplishment, and I was able to help my mom with the rent, which made me feel productive. Also, I don’t want you to think every caller was some creepy man wanting me to call him Daddy. One soldier explained that wanting to be there for a loved one could make you feel worse than you felt before.

All I had under my belt was a one-day stint selling knives during my freshman year of college. It may have said, “Phone actress.” I know it said, “No experience necessary.” Base pay and the potential to make an hour. I was surprised to see a normal-looking office with pictures of employees on the wall. The majority of women on the talking floor were mothers.

But our favorite part by far is the chapter about Sidibe's prefame stint as a phone sex operator. In fact, she was working as a -an-hour "phone actress" when she auditioned for the movie I was 21, couldn’t afford to go to school, and couldn’t get a job. To be fair, I was unqualified for most jobs that didn’t involve flipping burgers. Listen, I could lie to you and say that I happened upon phone sex while looking for telemarketing jobs, but we’re friends now! As soon as my therapist suggested “telemarketing,” I heard “phone sex.”I’m not sure how the ad was worded. A woman gave me an appointment to interview to be a “talker.”Honestly, I thought I’d be walking into a dungeon with girls in ripped underwear chained to radiators, moaning into receivers. They made the most money because the majority of their calls were from the same customers they’d been talking to since the nineties.

He's noticed that I'm not enjoying lovemaking as much and has suggested we stop the dirty phone calls to see if things improve.

But I don't think I'll get as excited about sex again.

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