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But this argument only reinforces the film's outrageousness.

It must have been awful enough to see your family tragedy over and over again in the news as it unfolded, but how much worse it must be to see a dramatization, and imagine millions tuning in to it for their Friday night entertainment.

At times, his performance reduces to impersonation.

and they like to spoon with dogs.” Sarah replied, “I spoon with my dog every night, just because there is an added addition to it everyone’s like whaaaaaaaa! The people and the hours, we’re home for dinner with our families, we don’t travel.It begins with news footage of the authorities carrying Laci's corpse in a yellow bodybag, then cuts to Sharon watching it in her living room (the same way most of us first saw it). It is a short scene, but it seems a gross invasion of privacy and can only leave us feeling embarrassed by our voyeurism.One could argue that such an image forces us to realize that there is a devastated family viewing the same footage we've seen over and over again, and they don't have the luxury of emotional detachment.The film does dramatize some "private" scenes (that is, scenes not taped for news broadcasts and replayed repeatedly), such as the Rochas' discovery that Scott was cheating on Laci or the look on Amber Frey's face when she sees Scott on the news and realizes that her boyfriend is married to a woman who's gone "missing" -- not to mention the moment when Sharon (Dee Wallace Stone) observes Scott's damning use of this term, before he should know that she is "missing."These scenes underline the betrayal Cain asserts is the film's point, but maybe we shouldn't be privy to some of it.The most disturbing scene shows Sharon watching her daughter's remains recovered.Those responsible for making this movie should be applauded, I suppose, for not conjecturing about what happens in between.But because the film doesn't even pretend to take an "innocent until proven otherwise" approach (Peterson is very obviously guilty here), we are left to wait for Laci's family and friends to become aware of their betrayal.But if the film's narrative choices are troubling, so too is its poor acting. If you assume the film's "guilty" verdict, there must be something charismatic about Peterson that enabled him to fool so many people.But it's not obvious from Cain's rendition: he didn't even come across as a remotely good liar, let alone "perfect" in any sense."A similar "party trick" effect makes Stone's reenactment of Sharon Rocha's press conference just plain offensive.There's something just not right about recreating so exactly such a profoundly emotional moment, a moment that had nothing to do with exactness.

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