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The cash starts flowing in, but it isn't long before news of her activities comes to the attention of her parents, her school, and the public.

After all, it's a fine line between sugar dating and prostitution, and Jazz must be careful she doesn't end up doing more for money than she ever intended. ‘From a drug dealer in Dolce and Gabbana,' I said.") Punchy and fast-paced, the plot pulls the reader forward from the first chapter.

Readers have commented that her books "read like screenplays" because they evoke strong emotions and visuals, and she has quickly established herself as a feminist voice for the millennial generation.

She has been published in the Comma, Splice Literary Journal; Buzzfeed; Examiner; Yahoo; The Hollywood Reporter; USC's School of Cinematic Arts' website; and The University Daily Kansan.

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Their newfound, glamorous lifestyle attracts the attention of girls in their residence hall, and soon, Jasmine and Kita find themselves running a makeshift dating agency from their dorm room.**"Lo (The Island, 2016, etc.) tells her story in a lively, snarky prose that allows the narrative to strut across the page. While primarily a romp—Jazz is a sassy and self-deprecating narrator—the novel nevertheless manages to explore some of the more serious aspects of sugar dating."--Kirkus Reviews Teresa Lo is an American bestselling author and award-winning screenwriter.

In 2010, she won the Grand Prize in the Script Pipeline Screenplay Contest, and she also placed two other scripts in the finals, a rare accomplishment.

That same year, her drama script The Physicist also was a finalist for the prestigious 2010 Bluecat Screenplay Contest.

Nineteen-year-old Jasmine "Jazz" Lewis, a freshman at a Christian university in Los Angeles, is not finding romantic happiness among the immature guys at her school.

Her best friend, Kita Okoye, is in desperate need of financial assistance after a fallout with her rich parents.

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