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His left hand was stroking her hair and lightly touching the back of her neck which gave her instant goose bumps on her skin.

She thought to herself how his touch was missed and welcomed after their time away from each other.

He slowly unzipped her jeans and in one sudden motion stripped them to the ground.

She could feel his tongue rising from her right calf up her leg to her ass.

She could feel her nipples harden in an instant as his hard dick was pressed against her ass.

Her heart was pounding in her chest, she wanted him right now, right here, and the anticipation was killing her.

It was like a dense winter fog had rolled in, creating an electricity in the air.

He pulled her close and their lips met with certain energy behind them like an electrical circuit finally connected.With an upward motion he instantly exposed her full breasts, rubbing them with his hands and pinching them with his fingers, which only added to her arousal and excitement.The sound of footsteps upstairs reassured her they had more time, just a few more minutes, she thought to herself as his right hand slid down her right breast , down her stomach and then between her legs, just how she liked it.She softly moaned and pressed her tongue into his mouth, tongues twisting, bodies close, and it felt like the world disappeared around them.Suddenly the kids came running into the kitchen full of laughter which momentarily broke their embrace.amateur sex gallery, amateur sex real, best amateur fucking, free amateur sites, free Nude Photos of amateurs, free nude pics of amateurs, hometown amateur, nude amateur galleries, nude amateurs gallery, real fuck tapes She glanced over at him from behind the wheel.Being as she hadn’t seen him for about a month, she instantly smiled like she had received the one present she always wanted and couldn’t wait to unwrap it.Instantly it was inserted deep inside which made her momentarily jump with astonishment because it felt so good.Her pussy throbbed with each thrust of his body, she felt as if she would explode.He lightly pressed his warm, wet lips against the back of her neck, moving ever so slowly to her left ear, his tongue stroking, licking her ear, the wetness against her skin was almost unbearable.Her whole body tingled with warmth and excitement, and she could feel the moistness between her thighs soaking her dark blue laced panties underneath her dark blue jeans.

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