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She was pretty open with the police but I don’t know exactly what was said and we don’t know what the charges are.‘We now have to let them [the police] do their job.’Sarah disappeared from Las Vegas on January 15 during a weekend away at the four-star MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, which offers rooms starting from 2 per night.

Close family friend Dave Cox, 61, told Daily that her parents believe she was given a roofie – the date rape drug Rohypnol – while in the casino and was spirited away while her boyfriend was in the restroom.

Ellis, who says he cannot give too many details because the case is ongoing, said the family were initially helped by a ‘Good Samaritan but that ended after one of our family members tried to call the number’. According to Cox, who is Ellis’ boss at Parke Cox Trucking, Sarah’s family had ‘staked out’ addresses in Las Vegas – and had been terrified she would be taken to Mexico.

He claims the Las Vegas police department were initially reluctant to take Sarah’s disappearance seriously but says he is not angry because ‘so many kids go missing there’. Cox said: ‘They did a bunch of stake outs and things like that in Vegas because they were thinking she was there but as far as I know, they [the alleged traffickers] took her straight from there and right down to Venice [Beach].‘I don’t know how good the information they [the family] were getting from Las Vegas was. We are coming to get you.'Just three days after Amie’s appeal went viral, Sarah was discovered at an apartment in Venice Beach, where, according to Cox, she had been kept quiet with sedatives.

When the campaign launched, with a Facebook page called ‘Help Us Find Sarah Dunsey’, the first post suggested the family had ‘reason to believe she was still in Las Vegas or possibly California’. I just can’t imagine how it must have been.’The teenager was taken to nearby UCLA hospital and subjected to a battery of tests, including for rape and sexual assault, before being reunited with her parents at 6am the following morning.

A slew of photographs of missing Sarah followed and, when that failed to work, a video was released on Valentine’s Day in which a clearly distressed Amie issued a plea for the teen’s safe return. According to Ellis, news of Sarah’s discovery felt like being ‘released’ from ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’.

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