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If it had only been a normal hang out then nobody would have suspected anything. And not just that, the American-Mexican comedian was very protective of Adlon as he walked hand in hand with her.

Most of the die-hard fans of the popular American drama series on the FX, ‘Louie’ know quite well that it took the Louis’ fictionalized version of himself five seasons to win the heart of the on-screen Pamela.

They wore matching outfits, boots, jeans, shades and identical overcoats.

Adlon was seen keeping her hands in her pockets to keep them warm whereas C.

It took a lame setup (“What if a woman tried to rape a man? Now, I wonder if it wasn’t inspired by curiosity but by guilt or, worse, self-justification.

Similarly, there’s a scene in which Pamela Adlon comes onto Louie while he’s wearing a dress and he says no, and then it’s implied they have sex anyway—is that another fascinating reversal of gender, or just a creepy wish-fulfillment about what There is an even more flummoxing scene in Season 4’s “Pamela: Part 1,” in which Louie comes home to find Adlon asleep on his couch.

She begrudgingly permits him to kiss her, though she grimaces the whole time. If you don’t follow up on what happened, you can trivialize it. has backed off of the idea of Louie as a predator or threat. We let ourselves believe Louis behind the camera was better than Louie in front of it. ‘Oh, I hope this one’s nice.’ ” This observation is no less true now that we know what C. But what really creeps me out about it is the way that C. so comfortably inhabits the role of feminist comedian, the guy who’s willing to say that men are bear-lions, who comprehends women’s fears.

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Since the separation with his former wife, the actor has not been seen with any woman, until now.After the news of their reported hook up surfaced on media, many of their fans have dubbed the beautiful actress lucky.The devoted fans of the celebs, expressed their full support for the new couple.” and “This would be rape if you weren’t so stupid! ” Louie corners Pamela in the door and tells her to look at him.He knows she’s interested in pursuing something with him, and he’s going to take control. once asked men to comprehend what dating men is like for women: “Imagine that you could only date a half-bear, half-lion. It may be less funny, because we know that it comes from a deeper, more intimate knowledge of male aggression.Rather than abnegating the series’ acuity, the revelations give it a sickening edge: the suspected predator if he’s a predator—is clearly compelled to think through his perversions in his work. His opening defense of the practice, painfully glib now, is “Well, it’s easy, it’s fun, and nobody gets hurt.” His closing line once seemed childishly petulant and is now awful and menacing: “I’m a good citizen, I’m a good father, I recycle, and I masturbate. And later I’m going to masturbate and think about you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” There’s another sequence, one that had long been one of my favorites, in which Louie’s date (Melissa Leo) goes down on him and then forces him to go down on her—first by verbally abusing him and then, when that doesn't work, by smashing his head into the side of a car.What I admired so much about the scene was how complicated it was, how it considered the ways sexual expectations could and could not be mapped onto gender.And now it seems that the on-screen romance has spilled over into their real life as well. K, so there is quite a good chance that the alleged couple might really be hooking up off-screen.Adlon and her husband of 14 years, Felix O Adlon divorced in 2010. Both Louis and Pamela were also seen wearing similar outfits back in March.While they are being congratulated for their relationship, the couple has yet to comment anything about it yet.Louis who is popular for his funny quotes once commented on his looks during one of his stand-up comedy show, saying, “I’ve never gotten laid ‘cause of the way I look.”He added, “I’m the guy that women see and they go… ’ “And I’m like, ‘I know, but let me just talk to you for a minute.’”The actor might have made fun of his looks himself but right now he must be feeling quite lucky because it’s him and his heart that has won over his alleged girlfriend, Pamela Adlon, and not his look.

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