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One candid family snap showed backing dancer Timor playing around on the slopes with Madonna's son Rocco, 13, and friends.The mum-of-four captioned the picture, "Bromance on the Swiss Alps!During the 13th century, especially, with the increasing influence of chivalry and aristocratic culture on poetry, song and the visual arts, the Madonna is represented as the queen of Heaven, often enthroned.Madonna was meant more to remind people of the theological concept which is placing such a high value on purity or virginity.Love is in the air #happinness." The couple are thought to have first met when they collaborated on a dance project last year; Stefan is an accomplished dancer, who performed with Beyoncé at the 2010 Grammys.It would not be the first time that Madonna has found love through her line of work.

The medieval Italian Ma Donna These names signal both the increased importance of the cult of the virgin and the prominence of art in service to Marian devotion during the late medieval period.

the Annunciation to Mary, are not typically called "Madonna".

The earliest depictions of Mary date still to Early Christianity (2nd to 3rd centuries), found in the Catacombs of Rome. The classical "Madonna" or "Theotokos" imagery develops from the 5th century, as Marian devotion rose to great importance after the Council of Ephesus formally affirmed her status as "Mother of God or Theotokos ("God-bearer") in 431.

Madonna's romance with Timor Steffens is still going strong.

The couple, who were first linked back in January, stepped out in New York together this week, quietly slipping out of a back door after seeing the Broadway play .

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